Von McDaniel is a Licensed Professional Counselor and his specialty is working with grade-school students.  As we prepare to go back to school, how do...View Details

Our friend Alex Absalom shares some insight about how to find Jesus during this moment we are in.  As a practitioner of faith and one who has helped t...View Details

Hear from Katharine Moore and Felicia Cobb as they talk about their perspectives as Mom's who are raising their kids in a world that struggles to make...View Details

This episode of Unscripted features our friend, Kenny Fields, sharing about an espcially challenging time in his life.  When faced with job loss and m...View Details

We are committed to listening. This episode of Unscripted contains a conversation between Rev. Jeff Flanigan and Chris Harrell as they discuss the rac...View Details

How do we hear from God?  What does that sound like?  Join Travis Eades for a conversation about those topics in this episode of Unscripted.

For this holiday weekend, our online worship gathering is a little different. We've designed a time of worship and conversation that is meant to be ex...View Details

This episode of Unscripted is a conversation between three friends who unpack all the weirdness of momming in a pandemic - from rationing WiFi and lea...View Details

We're honored to be joined by Ron Deal for Episode 4 of Unscripted. Ron is a friend of Compass Church and an excellent therapist, minister, husband, f...View Details

For our third episode of "Unscripted: Real Talk for Right Now" we're honored to hear from Carroll Lane Parsons, a certified spiritual director, as she...View Details

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